What is Villa4Villa?

Villa4Villa is an innovative platform for the exchange of luxury holiday homes.

V4V members belong to a premium subscription club that gives them the opportunity to exchange residences based on a points system.

How it works

By offering their villa, members acquire points, depending on the season and the value of each villa.

These points will be spent in order to book a stay in another member's villa

We promise luxurious vacation at a great price

With Villa4Villa, owners can offer their properties in exchange for a stay in a similar villa, with a significantly lower cost than renting one. Take advantage of our referral program for even better discount!

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Don't forget! The first 50 members win 1 year free subscription.

1. Apply to be a member, by sending us your property’s characteristics

2. Wait for your acceptance, should your application fulfil our criteria

3. Pay the initial subscription fee and enjoy vacation to the most exclusive properties!

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